Chapter Twenty-Five: The Voice of Death

"This is more dumb than crossing the Lucent Sea on an oyster skiff." Rhia was absentmindedly tugging on ends of her gloves—Atlas's gloves—flexing her fingers when they weren't at her neck, reaching for her absent necklace. "You don't have to come," Atlas said. "The ship is right over there. I'm sure Apata would greatly appreciate … Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Five: The Voice of Death


Chapter Twenty-Two: Any Port in a Storm

Aboard the Jesuine, Northmere, Mjimeri When Atlas reached the Glass Harbor, it was nearing sunset, the arches and towers of Effre aflame with the reds and oranges of dying day. He ignored it, scanning instead for signs of the Highlands girl. She’d be the easiest to find. She’d left him, thank the gods, and he’d … Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Two: Any Port in a Storm

Playlist Part I

With Part I finished, we'll be taking a short hiatus to collect our thoughts and make Part II even better. Are you excited? We are. But don't worry! While we're writing away, we'll still be bringing you awesome Bakkajian content. For now, enjoy this playlist to accompany Part I!