Brannawstead Overlook - Much can be seen from these peaks, Caradoc thought, rising the last few feet on his weary way upward. This was a path held in high esteem by all the men of Clan Brannaw. It was a sacred place, one where men and women sojourned to for solitude. It was a place for reflection, to watch … Continue reading Brannawstead Overlook
A Honey-Paint Artist’s Rendition of a Coillcuradh - “In the Shifting Highlands (once known to outsiders as the Razorgale Isles), it is not uncommon to see Abrugaeli Clansman make roughly hewn paintings out of pigments suspended in honey and diluted in water. The result of the material used is more akin to a picture made of tea stains than actual “paint.” However, what … Continue reading A Honey-Paint Artist’s Rendition of a Coillcuradh