A Honey-Paint Artist’s Rendition of a Coillcuradh


“In the Shifting Highlands (once known to outsiders as the Razorgale Isles), it is not uncommon to see Abrugaeli Clansman make roughly hewn paintings out of pigments suspended in honey and diluted in water. The result of the material used is more akin to a picture made of tea stains than actual “paint.”

However, what the Abrugaels lack in properly crafted artistic media (such as the rich color to be found in our own Mjimeri Oil paints) they make up for in an almost reckless dedication to craft, unmatched even by the well-trained artisans to be found here in the shining cities of Central Isle. The painting above was shipped in on a vessel styled “Shrieking Fury.” It was purchased for this museum at no small cost, as art is a sacred religious rite to the Abrugaels. It has been treated with all the respect that its talented, brave, and doubtlessly dead creator would want for it.”

-The Effre Art Constabulary, Charter Art Museum of All Bakkaj   


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