Can't get enough of Thieves of Bakkaj? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Start reading one of these delightful books about thieves while you wait for the next chapter! The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner (The Queen’s Thief series) Want enough snark and sarcasm to satisfy both Atlas and Fawkes? Then The Queen’s Thief series is … Continue reading Read-Alikes

A Honey-Paint Artist’s Rendition of a Coillcuradh

"In the Shifting Highlands (once known to outsiders as the Razorgale Isles), it is not uncommon to see Abrugaeli Clansman make roughly hewn paintings out of pigments suspended in honey and diluted in water. The result of the material used is more akin to a picture made of tea stains than actual "paint." However, what … Continue reading A Honey-Paint Artist’s Rendition of a Coillcuradh

Playlist Part I

With Part I finished, we'll be taking a short hiatus to collect our thoughts and make Part II even better. Are you excited? We are. But don't worry! While we're writing away, we'll still be bringing you awesome Bakkajian content. For now, enjoy this playlist to accompany Part I!